LincolnHack 2024
Rebel Heaver

Empowering Tech Futures: Ethical Recruitment, Community Engagement.

At Rebel Recruiters, we're reshaping tech recruitment with our ethical, honest, and quality-focused approach. We take pride in being the most ethical tech recruiters, offering a refreshing alternative to the usual recruitment experience.

Our mission is centered on connecting unique talents with the roles they were meant for, all while providing unparalleled care and support. Beyond recruitment, we're deeply involved in the East Midlands tech scene, regularly supporting events like LincolnHack to foster community and innovation.

Visit the Rebel Recruiters website to learn more about our mission.

Challenge: Rebel Solutions!

In a world where conventional systems often perpetuate inequality, inefficiency, and opacity, there’s a growing need for "rebel" solutions—innovations that challenge the status quo, disrupt harmful norms, and prioritize ethics, fairness, and social good.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a solution that embodies the spirit of rebellion by challenging existing systems, norms, or technologies that are unethical, unfair, or inefficient. Your solution should not only rebel against these injustices but also offer a practical, ethical alternative that promotes social good, transparency, and inclusivity.


Prizes will be announced on the day!