LincolnHack 2024
Streets Heaver

Leading the future of healthcare software solutions.

For over 35 years, Streets Heaver has been a leader in delivering the future-proofed healthcare software solution, Compucare®, to health organisations nationwide and beyond.

Compucare optimises and simplifies patient data management, scheduling, billing, and interoperability across both private and NHS healthcare sectors. Dedicated to enhancing patient care through digital transformation, this award-winning family business boasts a team of over 80 dedicated employees based in and around Lincoln. Streets Heaver prides itself on its commitment to employee development, sustainability, and community support.

As sponsors and challenge setters for LincolnHack, they demonstrate ongoing dedication to growth and innovation in the healthcare technology sector.

Visit the Streets Heaver website or LinkedIn for more information.

Challenge: Sustainability in the healthcare

The healthcare industry faces numerous challenges related to sustainability, including resource consumption, waste generation, and environmental impact.

We’d like you to design a solution that revolutionises sustainability practices within the healthcare sector.

Your challenge is to develop an innovative solution that addresses one or more aspects of sustainability in healthcare, such as reducing carbon footprint, minimising waste generation, optimising energy usage, or promoting eco-friendly practices.

By participating in this challenge, you can make a meaningful impact on the healthcare industry by advancing sustainable practices and contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

We encourage you to think creatively and develop solutions that have the potential to transform the way healthcare operates while prioritising environmental considerations and social responsibility.


Prizes will be announced on the day!